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    Potential FZ8 Owner (UK)

    I have a 2011 fz8 and the biggest issue is the crap suspension especially the rear shock , it behaves like a pogo stick & the forks dive far too much if heat braking is needed . IMHO Yamaha should have used a linked brake set up like Honda did on the cbf as this made a more balanced effect...
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    HOW TO: Lars airbox mod and AIS BLOCKING

    I note various people saying you need a remap or re flash for fear of running lean after this air box mod . On all the bikes that I have done similar mods over the years have all self adjusted within the ecu working parameters . Usually it took a 10 minute ride just to get up to temperature for...
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    Fuel Economy Issues 2011 FZ8

    I have put another 2 tanks of fuel through and have averaged 46 mpg . I am 210 lbs . Riding was mixed but not slow .
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    Vibration at 5000RPM

    My 2011 does give tingling vibes between 5-6 k rpm .Many bikes I have owned have done the same at various rpm and sometimes it's been more pronounced due to a dry chain . On my benelli I had it tuned out on the ecu map .
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    Fuel Economy Issues 2011 FZ8

    I have just changed the plugs on mine as it was very thirsty now its average is 42 .5 mpg with mixed riding .
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    I'm back.

    A newbie here welcome back ,yes a tad quite than other forums I have used .
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    Newbie initial review of fz8 2011

    hi to everyone ,just thought I would give my initial thoughts on the Fz . I have had many many machines of various moulds and models over the years to make a comparison. Firstly I must say it rides far nicer with the wife on the back as I t preloads the suspension better and removes the bounce...