Givi Monokey Hard Case Install


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I think someone on the board already has these, but with all of the Givi option talk, has anyone else looked into or installed the Yamaha top rack option? This seems to hold the case a bit lower and closer to the bike:

I'd like to add some sort of lockable storage on the bike but want to keep the whole package as streamlined as possible. I know that once you add a trunk to a naked sportbike you are sort of fighting a losing battle with that but the convenience factor keeps me interested.

Clemmel I think the same way :) ever since I had a VFR800 with a top box I've always wanted another bike with a boot (or trunk :p ). I even mounted a 55 litre box to the pillion seat of my last bike, an R1 :D

Anyway I have the official Yamaha rack - I've got the 46 litre box for longer trips and just bought a little Givi E300 30 litre too - my intention is to have that on the bike rest of the time. The max speed is officially 120 km/h but I have drilled through the bottom of the box and fixed it more securely to the rack with several brackets (that helpfully came with the box).

I love the extra practicality that the little box will bring and I'm not really against the looks either! I'll add pics when the rain stops here in blighty :)

EDIT - pics added.
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Loving the Yamaha rear rack the best of all of them! Can anyone tell me if the Yamaha rack will take Coocase luggage?? Or does it have to be "Givi" brand only?