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Where have you ridden your road bike and thought I shouldn't be out here?
I went on a CB1100F in 91 to Mount St Helens via some forest track I stayed at Cascade Locks in Oregon the night before and I asked some bloke how do I get to Mount St Helens he gave me directions to some turn off with a little wooden sign and to follow that which I did and after a while I thought what am I doing out here after spotting a group of deer it occurred to me that I could have easily come upon a bear but I pushed on and eventually found my way to the bitumen.:)


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thought i would do a little off roading on my 68 bsa thunderbolt. i ended up on a fire road on the side of mt tamalpias with gravel the size of baseballs. i didn't dump the bike but untill i was back on asphalt i thought id never get out of there. i had to ring the sweat out my shirt & socks. never again.


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Loose gravel backroads for a renfaire. FZ8 loves those roads, especially in the wet. Whee!


03 Suzuki RM125

In hollister hills...1 foot wide trail with 1000 foot drop off to jagged rocks...was my first time there..scared as shit

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On hot wet black top when my back tire kicked out taking a left turn. I rode it out like i meant to drift the corner.

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Mine wasn't as much where as when. I had just had surgery for a broken collarbone and was really itching to get out on my yzf600r (right before I got the fz8). I hit some fine dirt on a right hand turn and the rear wheel slid out. Threw down my right leg and managed to stay up. Had I fell I woulda hit my right shoulder and probably really ****ed shit up.

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