Throttle hard to turn - not a cable problem


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Hello all,

Been a long time lurker but need some advice. I am having an issue with my throttle as it has become harder to turner. It still returns normally, not sticky and spring seem to be working fine but my wrist starts to hurt after an hour of riding and others made comments as well about the throttle.

The issue doesn't appear to be in the throttle cables as I've lubed them with a tool and took it all apart to ensure that lube traveled all the way down to where they attach to the TB. Cables move smoothly.

Have anyone encountered this and was able to resolve it?
Did a quick forum search but couldn't anything too relevant.


I have an R6 Throttle tube. For all intent and purpose I believe my throttle cable is clean and lubed, though I don't really clean or lube it. I think I paid to have it done at some regular spring check-up I did. Same as you, it functions correctly, but does seem to be be a bit harder to turn than I remember it being when new. I can't think of anything that would matter different from an FZ8 to any similiar bike that would develop the same issue....

.. I don't have an answer. A new throttle cable all together? Lubing any linkage by the engine that would move the butterflies?


Since you are moving the R6 at less of an angle with the same spring pressure at the throttle shaft it stands to reason that it will feel like more torque is required. Also check that when you installed the cable ends into the tube that you did not untwist the cable. That will increase the friction and possible cause the throttle to hang.