Not sure if that has been asked, i'm sure it has!


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Wondering if the FZ1 engine can be swapped in to the FZ8.

I assume yes it will mount and fit, but my concern is the airbox and throttle bodies.

electronics can always be resolved one way or the other.

looking to see if anypone has any experience, I already have the FZ1 engine from a parts bike.


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if you would like to perform such a swap, I guess that the solution it to swap more or less everything. for sure the TB and airbox but probably also wiring loom the ECU.... well at the end lot of work (and maybe money too)


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Yeah you will need a FZ1 gas tank to fit the bigger airbox and the throttle body as well as the exhaust headers. You will need the FZ1 Ecu harness as well. I am thinking about doing this swap so let me know if ever you go for it!
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