Need help with new tail light and handlebar mirrors


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Hey guys got a 2011 fz08 and I need help putting my side mirrors on. When I screw these mirrors on they have a space between the mirror and handlebar which makes me think I need to insert the whole piece in. Now I just need to know if I can take out what the original bolt screws into and insert this new one.

Also bought a integrated turn signal tail light, cheap off eBay now I'm wondering if that was a bad choice lol. So I'm just wondering if I can buy an adapter that will allow me to plug in the wires I have on the new one to the ones on the bike already before bringing it to a shop so they can splice them or whatever needs to be done .

Any advice will help, safe riding!



My Local Cycle Gear has a set of plugs for Yamaha Turn Signals, there is bare wires on one end and a Yamaha Plug on the other.

That said there are only what, 3 connections that go to the integrated turn signal with 7 wires? 2 turns with 2 wires and the brake light with 3 wires IIRC. figure out what needs to attach to what first then you can look for an adapter. Did yours not come with any adapter?

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I know its too late but the motodynamic tail light is plug and play. maybe your can rtn that one and get a refund.


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Yeah I might have to do that because this is a cheap piece of crap from China with no instructions, lesson learned don't go cheap !


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Awesome now those Deff fit right just making sure before I buy them doesn't say fz08 lol
Yes they defiantly fit. The wire plugs are exactly the same. To make them fit on the cowling takes a little trial and error but they fit without having to do any cutting.