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Nice. I'm about 30 mins north of you on 35. Hopefully we get some sun and nice weather next week.
For sure. Nice bike you have. I wish i would have gotten the newer one... but oh well. We will have to ride next season since we live so close.
Hey, crazy to meet you on the road in Welch this weekend! Nice bike, the upgrades look sweet.
Tried to PM RE: R1 Shock Adapter > forum said your mailbox was full.
Oh wait I may have already asked you that already. Are you the guy who is in Milwaukee right now at school? It's hard to keep all the MN'ers straight.
What part of MN you from? We will have to get a meetup next season... I think there are 5 guys on this site from MN
Ya gonna ride Saturday and Sunday. Sunday will be a little bit warmer. .. next weekend looks promising as well!
Yes! I am planning on it. Hbu? I rode all today after work too, got home at like 9 and left at 4:30. I gassed up and am ready to ride. I'm not sure how my Saturday is looking. Let me know if you had any plans.
Ran into a guy at the Yamaha demo days with an FZ09, think his name was Rich... had nothing but good words about your hid job and business in general...
If you ever want to add the Autotune to your PC5.. I will be selling mine here soon.. and I also have headers with a 18mm bung welded in already. Would throw you a good deal. Since welding in a 18mm sucks unless you are pro or know people! I just don't have a PC laptop with the software so I could never actually look at my tables and tune it better!
Nice yeah not too many nice days left... I have a shad seat and new suspension coming next week. Gonna do a ecu flash too.
Bike is treating me good so far. Still haven't gone on a decent ride yet. Did get the new turn signals installed, and got the new levers in yesterday. Gonna get those installed, and take it on a nice ride on a nice warm day.
sup bro. most of my riding is in town but ive been on some nice rides east of the city. the hill country area is fun lots of turns.