Where can you buy your mods?


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good prices and service

if your looking for helmets, jackets, gloves, boots i have found MotorcycleGear.com (the new name of New Enough) :: Motorcycle Jackets, Helmets, Gloves, Boots, Luggage, Parts and More! to be a great place to look. Mostly closeout but first quality items and the special deals cant be beat. I am trying to see if anyone has every gotten anything from JMVCONCEPT leader en carenage moto or if they have an American distributor for their fairings and winds. i cant read the website but its probably because i am not the greatest on the internet. I like riding on 2 wheels on the pavement :)


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Hey guys! Is Motorcycle Helmets, Jackets, Riding Gear, Parts & Accessories - Vancouver, BC, Canada | Motostarz.ca the only good site to shop from Canada? I did not find any other sites that have a good selection of parts for the FZ8.

I forgot this thread...

Motostarz, Motostarz, Motostarz.... Maybe some of you would like a feedback.

I bought and EVO Radiator Guard and an EVO Fender Eliminator in February. Here's the story.

Day 1 : The website worked great and they called me quickly to validate my credit card and make sure the order was alright.
Day 2 : Invoice received telling me the order would be shipping in 4-5 business day.
Day 10 : No news, email them asking for infos.
Day 11 : They reply it would be shipped by the end of the week (we are monday)
Day 14 : Asking for some news again, its friday night.
Day 15 : Purolator tracking number received.
Day 25 : Package received. The licences light is missing for the Tidy Tail. I write them immediately with pics of all the packaging.
Day 26 : They confirm its missing and that they will send a new one within 24 hours.
Day 39 : No news, email them asking for infos.
Day 42 : Still no news, email again.
Day 47 : Still no news, I call them, they say they will ship it tomorrow
Day 50 : Email confirmation from Motostarz that the item as been ship via standard mail. Eta 5-6 days.
Day 58 : Light received, order complete.

*I did not exclude weekends from the day count...

So... They did not argue when I told them a part was missing and I finally received everything... But it wasn't a quick and easy path. Will not buy again as I don't like to constantly push a business to get what I paid for.


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Partzilla, ebay and utilizing the Facebook group. Parts are becoming harder to find for these since the switch to the MT line!