Weekend Project: PCV, Lars Air box Mod, K&N Filter, Apex Clip on handle bars


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Weekend Project: Apex Clip on handle bars, PCV, Lars Air box Mod, K&N Filter

Hello All,

Fairly new member here. Bought my first bike (2013 FZ8) early this season and I'm loving every second of it. One thing I did not like was the handle bars. I'm a bit taller so I sit upright on the bike when seated comfortably and it just wasn't optimal when highway cruising at 80+ MPH.

I placed an order for APEX handle bars, High flow K&N filter, and a PCV. and I installed them all this weekend. The bike is breathing MUCH better now, almost too well as it is idling a little harder than normal and I'm sure its running rich. I will be getting a tune soon.

I LOVE the handle bars. I am so comfortable now and it seems to respond better when making turns. The bike is now perfect for me. Overall a pretty simple install.

attached are a few photos. ill get more of the handle bars. I got too excited to try them out I hopped right on the bike and took off without taking any pictures. The 1 photo I have attached does not yet have the electronics secured or lined up where I needed them, so you can ignore those. I also need to trim the ends off a bit.

also, I'm not very knowledgeable with the PCV, from what I understand it should just be running a stock tune, correct? Does anyone have a MAP I could run for the mods I have (also have a Coffman slip on)? Is it terrible if I ride the bike the way it is now until my tune?

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Search for the Jumbo Map on this form or on Google if you cant find it. It seems to be the most popular for those with the airbox mod + an aftermarket exhaust.

Are the clip on bars higher or lower than stock?


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would you happen to know what size apex clip ons were used? im working on switching over and unsure on the diameter of the forks