Website recommendations that are still selling parts for the FZ8?


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New member, and fairly new FZ8 owner (just passed the one year mark of it being my daily commuter!)

I found a thread from back in 2015 or something that listed quite a few, but most of those links are either no longer functioning, or they just plain don't have FZ8 parts anymore...

In particular I was trying to find a SHAD seat, some sort of hand rails for a passenger, and/or a topcase for the passenger to lean back into. GIVI had a good looking one, but I've been unable to find anywhere that still sells the brackets for the case (Givi 366FZ Top Case Rack Kit). Any suggestions? There are about a thousand versions of yamahaparts websites that have detailed breakdowns of all the part numbers, but I can't find anywhere to actually order any of those parts from.



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Passenger hand rails are out of stock everywhere.. you can go with a corbin seat they still offer them. For the givi case I found some used online through ebay or my local website like craigslist