Super soft front end on 2011


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Not sure if this is were I need to be posting on here. Hello all I’m new to the fz8 world and I love it! I recently purchased a 2011 fz8. 10k on the odometer. After riding for a while I noticed the front suspension is extremely soft. It dives really bad when braking in the front. Looking at the 2011 manual I didn’t see where they are adjustable on this year. Does anyone know if they are?


Check out the forum threads for front suspension. Unfortunately, there are very few easy fixes.

The stock spring rate is .90 kg/mm-50#/in. The Racetech Spring Calculator says at your weight for class B canyon the rate should be .95-53, fairly close to stock. The question is: do you routinely bottom the forks on braking or sweeping high-speed turns? Some dive is to be expected. For street riding some softness is good, the wheel should 'float' over minor bumps such as tar strips. You could consider shimming the springs to increase preload.

You might check out a thread on the FZ1 forum on different weight fork oils. Also, there are several on this forum regarding swapping R1 parts. Swapping parts will cost about $120 for the heavier RaceTech springs and replacement oil or $200 for a Hyperpro Progressive kit. If you are not a wrencher, add for the install. Also, you might consider the 2013 forks which have preload adjustment but will ultimately give limited improvement.


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I swapped in the FZ1 front suspensions with the front rim and shaft (rotors and/or brake calipers from fz8 can be used) fully adjustable and worlds of difference i could finally brake hard with confidence. Easiest mod and best bang for the buck


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I do swap the internal withr R1 (2003 2004) ones.
the gain is rebound and preload adjustment but you cannot adjust the compression anymore (the FZ8 fork lower end has not the appropriate design for that)
keeping the original oil (Kayaba 01) that s definetely worth it.