Strange turn signal behavior


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My Bike is a 2011 with 30k. I just bought it a few weeks ago. It needs a few minor things but is 100% operational. As I sort it out, I find the turn signals are non-oem incandescents with single filament 23w 1156 bulbs, and all 4 are connected to the turn signal leads, with the front running light leads left empty. It has what I believe is the stock Denso 2-wire incandescent flasher. Here's the scenario: Turn on the key and all four blinker lights come on as running lights. Turning on a turn signal flashes the blinkers in a kind of haphazard way (like 2 fast, 1 slow, three fast. one slow non steady rhythm) with the rears being a fair amount brighter than the fronts when they flash. If I remove the flasher, they all stay on as running lights, and the turn signal switch does nothing. I have scoured the bike from front to rear and I can't find any blinker genies or anything else wired in that might be somehow tying the blinker circuit to the running light circuit. Is there some other way to do this besides the blinker genie route? Where else can I look for some kind of centrally located wiring hack? I wouldn't care about it, but the fronts are just too dim when they blink, which is the reason I investigated this to begin with..