Soft front suspension


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Not sure if this is were I need to be posting on here. Hello all I’m new to the fz8 world and I love it! I recently purchased a 2011 fz8. 10k on the odometer. After riding for a while I noticed the front suspension is extremely soft. It dives really bad when braking in the front. Looking at the 2011 manual I didn’t see where they are adjustable on this year. Does anyone know if they are?

CAP Tango

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Mines a 2012. As far as I'm aware there bog standard with no adjustment. Im lucky, I bought mine with uprated suspension front and rear. The receipts that came with the bike showed a cost around the £1000 Mark.
You could try thicker fork oil see if that helps any, its a cheaper alternative.


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only the last edition (from 2013 if my memory is correct) are "adjustable" (in fact only spring preload)
Anyway the fork is a cheap one with the minimum in terms of hydraulic damping so....