Shad Seat Review #2


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After reading the first review on the shad seat I knew right away that was what I wanted. The topsellerie seat was too bulkie, and too expensive. the Corbin seat has nothing but horror stories following it regarding fitment/install and the price was much higher.

I picked up my Shad front/rear Black/Great seat setup from SHADUSA. it was 325 + shipping, which came to 345. They ONLY ship UPS ground. which took about 3 days from Florida, to Connecticut.

Installation was perfect. the front seat only needs 2 rubber grommets with the metal inserts swapped from the original seat. The rear seat needs the main lockign bracket and 2 hook brackets swapped over from the original rear seat. The luggage straps are optional to switch over. I chose to swap mine because I do use it from time to time. I will remove it if my +1 doesn't like sitting on it.

Fitment was perfect, it clicked right into place and left no gaps

Comfort: Drivers seat is slightly less padded than stock but because it is slightly wider and flatter it is much more comfortable. It shifts you towards the back of the seat instead of the front, and it is very grippy. I will report on the passenger side comfort after she rides with me some more. It is much less angled, and wider and has the more "grippy" material.

Quality: The seats are super well made, stitching is perfect, the plastic molds underneath and staples are perfect. the FZ on the rear seat adds a bit of style which is very tasteful.

Price: Although 345$ may seem like a lot, I'd recommend this over any slip on exhaust because you will enjoy riding longer as apposed to just some extra noise. Comfort is Key.

I am very happy with the purchase and will report more in the next few weeks as I ride more with it and my +1



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That is an extended baffle to prevent it from melting my bags when they are on, which is 90% of the time. Don't worry its not there when I go for solo fun rides!



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Thanks for the review! I plan on ordering one within the next month or so and your review has def assured it will be a wise investment.


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How does the height compares to the stock seat? Does it feel like your feet have more contact with the ground?


How does the height compares to the stock seat? Does it feel like your feet have more contact with the ground?

I'd imagine, if anything, you'd have slightly less contact with the ground given the wider seat... but it's not like you have many other choices for aftermarket seats. Top Sellerie and Corbin cost more, and Corbin has known fitment issues. Top Celery (teehee) also is a toss up on looks.


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Foot contact feels the same as when u sit all the way in the front of your stock seat, but now you are sitting towards the back. The OEM seat raised too much if you sat in the back



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So after 200 more miles on the seat, I am thoroughly impressed. Solo riding is so comfortable. I instinctively try to reset myself on the seat assuming i slid forward just to find out i was perfectly set in the back. Super comfy for longer rides, I also installed some thicker gel grips which helped as well. My +1 likes the back seat and she no longer slides me into my tank.

Overall Review: This Seat makes for a very comfy rider/passenger ass and a happy ass makes for a happy ride.



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I have used my Shad for about 300 miles and it is a serious upgrade. I am 280 lbs and the stock seat would kill me after about an hour. It took a little getting used to but I love the new seat. Got mine on Ebay for $210 (shipping included) for the blue stitched one. The grey and white stitched ones are about $275 but still way cheaper than buying directly from Shad . It ships from France but I got it in less than a week. Install took about 20 minutes.

Link below but I know these listing dont last forever so I put the Ebay seller's link at the bottom incase they create a new listing.

Saddle Shad Comfort Yamaha Fazer FZ8 800 10 13 Moto 2010 2013 Seat Saddle New | eBay