Seemed like a good thing to do.


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Hello everyone, I just recently had my back tire lose pressure enough that I could tell something wasn't quite right. I filled it up and it seemed like it wasn't too long (4 or so days) the pressure went down again. It was a Bridgestone Battlax BT021. The tread was pretty low also. I bought the bike when it had 7600 miles on it and I was getting close to having put 2000 miles on it. I decided that maybe a rear tire change would be good. Over the weekend I put a Michelin Pilot Road 2 on. So far I'm pretty pleased. I've got about 40 miles on the new back tire and I feel a little more confidence when turning. The Battlax was pretty flat across the tread. There was about 4 inches of flat area (2 inches on each side of the center) and then it curved toward the edge. The new tire is nice and curved all the way across. I'm looking forward to seeing how the Michelin rides. It seems like the rear end sits up a little more now.