Question Rear sprocket suggestions (+2 or +3)?


Had my FZ8 for about 5 years now and the new FZ09s have been looking pretty nice, but I don't REALLY need a new bike.

Thinking about just going to a larger rear sprocket to get some more fun out of the FZ8.
Years ago, I did a +2 rear on my 01 SV650 and it was a nice little upgrade, but now I'm looking at JT Sprockets and they have both a 48 and 49 tooth steel sprocket in 525. (still have to find a retailer who has those in stock though)

So I'm wondering... will going +3 be crazy, should I stick with +2? Or is a 49T doable? Will I still be able to sustain 85-90mph on the highway without redlining? Will any attempt to accelerate in a corner cause the back end to slide out?


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I'm curious about this too. I cant really wheelie the fz8 as easily as I could a 2009 sv650s, and I really was hoping for some more torque in first and second than what Im feeling out of my 2012 fz8. I can't figure out if the lack of throttle response from a stop and from dropping the clutch in first and second gear is because of the eco flash not being done, stock sprockets or what.


The only other thread I found about it was someone who was building the FZ as a stunt bike and did -1/+3 and said it wheelied like crazy... but I'm guessing the -1 front produced the most impact.



WOW. Great increase in pep. Definitely need a speedo recalibration though (SpeedoDRD), reading about 10mph fast at 45mph, probably higher at freeway speeds.
Guessing my top speed is gonna be around 90-95mph now also... which is a fair trade-off for the quicker pick-up.
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