Radiator fluid? oh YEAH thats slippery!


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So I was slowing down for a light with 5 cars waiting for it to turn green, and it turns as I approach so I balance there for a few seconds, creeping forward slowly until the car in front of my pulls away.

The lead car was sitting over a puddle of water. I see it, notice the weird reflection, and slowly add some gas to get on home. I smell it, and then my rear tire loses ALL TRACTION! My forward momentum carries me out of the puddle, I maintain my upright posture and straight line ahead, and the rear tire finally stops slipping/spinning and I catch and continue on my way. About 50 feet down the road I add a little wobble/wave back and forth to make sure I press the liquid out of my tire sipes as I go.

DAMN! I've only spun the rear tire on a few occasions, and I had been fully expecting to lose traction those times.

Respect the liquid on the roadway... it might just be KY Jelly that spilled out of someones party van.


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very true advice. I usually try to position myself away from the center line of the road--where fluids would leak out from vehicles.