New to the FZ8?


New member
Venturing over to the Yamaha side of cycling from the Suzuki TL, SV, GSXR world.
Rode the FZ09 but the FZ8 seems to be a more civilized ride.
Riding a 2012 FZ8 which is bone stock so I have a blank canvas to work with.
Will research the Performance MODs Section and start from there?
My riding is mostly done in the mountains of western NC with a number of trips to the gap.
Ride Safe:cool:



Just send off your ECU for tuning for the cheapest and biggest bang for the buck on performance. Pair that to an R6 throttle tube, an exhaust of your choice, air-filter, and a chain/sprocket of your choice and you're set. I did all that and went +1 on the front sprocket. Speedo is GPS accurate now and I lowered RPM enough to make my highway commuting just a bit more comfortable. Top speed is basically 240kph depending on wind. It is basically like 120kph at 5000rpm now.

If you want more down low grunt that go plus teeth on rear and -1 on front. Depending top out lower than 240 kph. The bike is fast, but there are plenty cars that are way faster, so you sorta decide what's your thing.