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Hello everyone.

I've had my Fz8 for just over a year now and absolutely love it.. Its not the fanciest, fastest, most tricked out bike out there but its my first 'big' bike and I love it!

I'm running Bridgestone T31 tyres at the moment, purely for longevity as I've done 18k in the past year..
But does anyone else feel like there's not much feedback from the front end, or feel like when you're mid corner it's just going to slide out from under you?
As a new rider it's a bit unsettling, especially when you're trying to be a better rider and build confidence.

If there's anyone from Scarborough, York or even anyone who goes to Squires and then out to the coast on here then let me know, it'd be nice to find some friends to ride with.. Its just me and as nice as that is having some friends in the biking world would be great.

Stay safe out there everyone!



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Hey Foggy93,
I'm a "new" member too but have been lurking for while since most of the forum is inactive. I think the feedback issue you are feeling might be related to the stock suspension which is a common complaint item and soft as far as sport bikes go. There is a lot of good info in the "How To" threads including how to upgrade the rear shock and front fork tubes/spings.
Not sure if these bikes fell off when the MT series moved in but I love mine! Good to see some people are still riding them.