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Hello everyone,

I am the new owner of a 2011 black FZ8. I also have a 2001 turbo zrx1200, but it is currently in pieces. I am enjoying the FZ8 very much. it's light (compared to my 550lb zrx), and it has wonderful power for commuting. It has under 20k miles on it. This will be my first Yamaha motorcycle.

A couple of questions. Are these engines noisy? I have this very aggrivating rattle type noise coming from the lower left hand side of the bike. not a knock, more of a rattle. Is this normal? Or is there something I should be digging into and figuring out. I have a rotor cover gasket coming so I can see if that has been updated or not. I've read horror stories about that thing. If it hasn't been changed, I'm going to order one and change it.


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