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The below is a copy/paste from another forum I'm on, but everyone should be aware I think:

I'm going to be avoiding unless they have something I simply can't find anywhere else. I had two sets of Nelson Rigg Solar bags that I returned due to being defective. One tank bag and a pair of saddle bags. One of the two came from New Enough. The guy I talked to was friendly, helpful, and got an RMA to me within an hour. I packed up the bags, shipped them off. Within 4 days I received notification that my refund had been processed and would be posted to my credit card within a day or two (that part is out of their hands.)

Superstore...ugh. The person I spoke to was not friendly. Packed the things up and shipped them off as directed. The website continues to just show "return pending." There has been no communication back to me as to why it's taking so long. When I called them up to find out why, the response was that it was a defective item refund and they were working with the manufacturer and it would be 6-8 weeks before they would process a refund. I politely informed the person on the phone (indicating that I realize it's not his fault, but maybe he should pass this along the chain of command) that their competition is flat out kicking their ass when it comes to customer service. I explained the above and how frustrating it was to have 2 identical returns save (what company the returns were going through) be processed so differently. I also told him that all of my business will be going to New Enough from here on out.

I'm not trying to say they are a bad company. Heck, if nothing goes wrong both are basically equivalent. But in the off chance I ever have to make a return again, I certainly don't want to do so with Superstore.


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I have had one problem with superstore in the past 4 years and $3000 I've spent there on my wife and I. We like the EASY return policies... 2 christmas' ago we ordered her three jackets, 2 sets of pants and 2 helmets... she tried them all on, picked her favorites and shipped the rest back for a flat rate. No hassle no issues.

As far as quality I've only sent two things back for quality control issues that were AWFUL from the factory (poor sewing, crappy overspray) but that goes on the manufacturer, so I won't buy their products anymore.

The only issue I had was the first order that I had that was like $500 or something happened when my credit card was renewing and the processing of the order took a week before I called to find out why my order was still in processing and it took a supervisor to clear it up with a manual entry on their side. Once that was done, it went through fine.

I love the simplicity of their processes, and as long as I stay with quality products, I'm fine!


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I have a really good relationship with my local Yamaha dealership. Yamaha of Byron!!! What What....LMAO. I'm so glad they carried Icon recently. I would have ordered from New Enough paid too much and got the wrong helmet size if I had gone that route. I try my damnest to buy from them anytime I can. Even if I have to go a few dollars here and there. We always seem to come to an agreement. Got my helmet, visor, jacket, graves block plates, and 3rd BIKE (yes I've bought three bikes from them.....long story).:p


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I like instant gratification. Will explore all the local shops before placing on online order.

I hate waiting and usually paying for 2 day shipping it takes longer. Some take 3-5 days just to process the order.


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Nevet had to return anything to Superstore, but I haven't bought much from them either ...

Been shopping with since they were newenough. Never had a bad experience. Great customer service and easy returns and exchanges . They'll even ship the replacement item before they've received the returned item.


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I have to go back and agree with the OP on this one... the pair of teknic boots i bought that were defective....(see review in gear review section)... MC Superstore has got to have the worst customer service of any company i've dealt with lately. It took me 3 calls to get someone to say that they'd take back the defective item and refund it. So i sent it back.. and hadn't heard anything.. so i call yesterday... they're 27 pallets, thats right, 27 Pallets worth of returns behind right now. thats just checking them in. let alone time to review each item returned. estimated time frame for my refund to be processed is right at 2weeks from the date they received the item back, then up to another week or so for the actual refund to process... has customer service that is out of this world. refunds if needed are processed quickly and the last item i had to get refunded (stock issue from distributor), the money was back in my account that same week.


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They shipped my boots back to the vendor for investigation on the 28th. The soonest I MIGHT see a refund is 4-6 weeks from that date.


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I have done a lot of business with MC Superstore and have had no problems. Always ordered enough stuff to get the free shipping and they usually send a coupon toward my next buy. Spoke to a customer rep once and she was very helpful and patient. I know it only take one bad experience to change ones mind about a supplier but so far for me MC SuperStore has been good. I do shop around for price too so am to glued to MCSS.

Have used and also with no complaints.
All had what I was looking for and shipped fast. :2cents: