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I have a 2012 Fazer 8 with the following mods. Power commander V. De-Cat with 2 brothers end can. Air box mod. KN filter. Up until last Thursday the bike ran like a dream. On leaving work after about 1 mile the bike developed a misfire at low rpm but once on the motorway appeared to run ok. Only once the ram came below 2500 did it appear to start misfiring. That evening I removed the coil packs and found one of them to be well below the recommended readings so a new one was ordered and fitted the next day. The bike started and at idle sounded OK. The next morning on riding to work after about a mile the misfire reappeared. I purchased a new set of plugs and that evening they where also changed. I took the bike out today and although it rides much better there is still something not right. It seams like its holding back then suddenly picks up but at idle you would not think there is anything wrong. The only thing I have done differently just before this happened was to put 2 tanks of super unleaded in it.
Could this be the cause???