Merry Chirstmas from Luxemburg


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I'm new from Luxemburg, 42 years young and owner of a blue and gold fz8n abs from 2013 since 8 month.
I've made some modifications on my fz8 and I'm very happy with it, comfortable enought, sporty enought, a good compromise
Small list of mods:

Led rear ligth (Motodynamic)
Sequencial led turn signal front & rear
Smart turn system
Healtech quickshifter
Mod de la fourche (huile et ressorts plus durs)
Rear shock absorber from FZ1
Healtech Gipro
Short licence holder
15 teeth sprocket
Open air box and AIS blocked
ECU remap
And some small things...
Home made exaust holder and suppression of passenger footrest
Passenger seat cover.

Don't know how to put pictures but if someone tells me, I will.