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Well Hello Folks :D

I just wanted to drop a quick note to say hello and introduce myself.
I recently took the MSF course because an old Marine friend of mine has been going on about how much he loved his bike over his sports car. After the course & a week of 'considering' my options I decided to buy a bike and the FZ8 came up as a high contender after some research on the FZ6.

This is my first bike so I have a lot to learn, but I can see my car modifying tendency is already showing up with a desire to change the exhaust, tail, graphics, and brake/clutch levers. I like my ride to be distinct to me and display my personality so we shall see what comes up with the FZ8.

Hopefully I learn a lot over the coming months/year and really enjoy riding whenever I can.

Cheers, :D


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there's an old phrase from my harley days. if you want a totally unique ride, leave it stock. doesn't apply as well to sport bikes but the mod bug hits nearly everyone.

pretty bold step for a first bike, but i really admire you for taking the course first. great course!

enjoy your stay here and post away. there are a few addicts here already and your welcome to join us!


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Thanks for the welcome. I've never really been known to go small if I can afford to do something right.

I'm loving the bike and try to get out on it once a week when the weather is cooperating. I'm making a few changes to suit me a bit more, but it's all good. Done the tail tidy, and painted a few of the parts a nice matching gold. Waiting for the pezzo levers and exhaust to arrive and looking for new signals to round the look out.

I'll post up pics as I put everything together.

Thanks for the warm welcome.


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Well parts are arriving, the exhaust, signals, passenger pegs & snakeskin are here. Just waiting on the Pezzo levers & I'll do the installs this weekend hopefully :)
Still looking for a red integrated tail light & HID setup for the front light, then I'll be done & ready for the summer.