Help I would like to take out HID and put back in a stock bulb?


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I bought the FZ with an HID kit already installed. The HID recently burned out so I want to go back to a normal 9003/H4 bulb but the pigtail is a two pin instead of a three pin. I have included pictures as well. If someone can be of assistance I would be in your debt.

The 3 prong in the last picture is the new bulb and I believe is the correct pigtail for the 9003/H4 bulb.



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I am going to order a new pigtail and a multimeter and see if I can wire it back to factory. The two prong plug should be a hut and a ground. The second smaller connector has a red and black so I am thinking that one of the hots is the low beam and the other is the high beam and there are two grounds.

I will update if it works.