Greetings from Hungary


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Hey Folks,

Just wanna say hi: I'm from Hungary and I have been the owner of a Fazer FZ8S (year 2012) since last summer.

The bike came from Italy with very low mileage and with the famous alternator (stator/rotor) problem - "thanks" to this I got it in a reasonable price. It is in perfect condition - just installed GIVI crashbars on it and I'm gonna shortly replace its beautiful stock muffler with a MIVV Storm GP slip-on one.

My previous bikes were a Yamaha XJ600n (year 2000) and a Yamaha Majesty 400 YP400 (year 2003). It seems I'm pretty loyal. ;-)

The next step is discovering the Alps in Austria&North Italy.

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Hi from Southern California. Really like the Fazer and would have bought one but they are very rare in USA, I don't think they were sold here. I have a 2013 FZ8 and a 2014 FJR ES.