fz8 Wheelies...


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so i got the fz8 about 2 months ago, been doing some small (2 foot or so) power wheelies in first. i started clutch wheeling about last week. i was wondering if someone has some insight or tips for this to go smoother?


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Here's what i do. While it first gear i drive until the rpm's are around 6 k or higher. Let off the gas and quickly open it to full throttle. I can get it straight up and ride t until the limiter hits at 72 mph I haven't tried to shift yet.


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Clutch wheelies scare the shit out of me, personally. It'll probably be quite a while until I try one of those on the street. I am, however, somewhat comfortable with power wheelies. Any tips people could offer would be much appreciated though!


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dont hit ur front break. That could end badly.

Just remember it takes next to nothing to get urself killed riding on two wheels let alone one. Be safe