FZ8 runs idle but stalls when twist the throttle


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An issue that suddenly appeared today with my FZ8 2012: yesterday it runs smooth, no issues at all. Today the engine starts as usual and runs idle but when I touch the throttle the engine stalls immediately... again start the engine: it runs idle, let it run idle for a few mins and try to slowly turn the throttle: engine stalls. Again start the engine: it runs idle but not smooth, rpm varies between 500 and 2000. Twist the throttle a bit, some hard pops out of the exhaust and engine stalls...

Tried a few times and after some tries no issues and I can ride the bike as usual.

I drove a few miles/KM's and turned off the engine at a fuelstop, refueled and started but again issues as described above, eventually no issues and drove home...

Where to look? No fault codes or what so ever.