Information FZ8 2011 Fork Bushings


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Hey everyone, I've had the worst time trying to find replacement bushings for the FZ8 because Yamaha decided to make them 'part of the Outer Tube'. Hopefully this helps someone avoid spending $600+ on the Outer Tubes and the headache of research.

Here's the dimensions of the fork bushings I pulled out of my 2011 FZ8:

Bushing set #1
(located under oil seal washer, guide bushing, 43x8x2.5):
Height - 8mm
Thickness - 2.5mm
OD - 48mm
ID - 43mm

Bushing set #2 (located in outer tube taper, guide bushing, 43x12x1.5):
Height - 12mm
Thickness - 1.5mm
OD - 46mm
ID - 43mm

I found that K-Tech Suspension has the sizes if you check out their website (if North America use Orient Express Racing, an online K-Tech dealer... or search local dealers in Orient Express Racing's website). Through K-Tech, Bushing set #1 is GBS-010 and #2 is GBS-013. Together it cost me $49 USD with shipping instead of $600+ for Outer Tubes. I've ordered them and will find out if it works. If I forget to reply with an update in 2 weeks (5/10/2022), send a reply and hopefully the notification will remind me whenever I hop back on here. :^)

*Edit* Don't trust K-Tech's recommended FZ8 2011 part size, as it's incorrect.


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Update: It works! a 32mm socket I had (1-5/8"/41.275mm) was almost perfect but slightly too small and I ended up damaging the bushing in the Outer Tube's taper. Filed a steel washer down to 41.5mm and drove the socket on top of it and it worked. Heating up the outer tube helped a lot. I made sure to measure the bottom of the tube to the end of the bushing so I didn't push it too far or little before removing them. They sit roughly 16.3mm-16.4mm away.

Hope this helps anyone that doesn't want to pay for the whole Outer Tube.