Fuel pump only runs with starter button pushed?


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I recently bought a non running 2011 FZ8 that had been sitting outside for a while near the beach so it had some weathering. Had to replace entire fuel tank (rusted all the way through) , fuel pump, battery, etc. Current problem is that only runs while I hold the starter button, if i let go the fuel pump shuts off and it dies after a few seconds. It does not prime when i turn the key on. I looked at the manual and wiring diagram but I'm not the best with electrical stuff. Here's what i've checked so far

-replaced starter relay with cheap ebay one (wouldn't turn over when i first got it)
-tip over sensor
-neutral switch
-kickstand switch
-took kill switch off and sprayed with cleaner, seemed ok, kill switch does work
-replaced fuel pump relay with one from another running bike, no change
-no codes come up

Another thing probably unrelated is that the battery is not charging. I took the flywheel out to look and everything seemed ok there, so probably the rectifier but want to test stator first. I do have a 2008 FZ1 that i can swap parts from if needed. Any help is appreciated. Thanks


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Did you ever find a solution? I seem to have the same problem was riding the bike and all was perfectly fine then sat at a set of lights the bike died and I quickly restarted it and pulled away fine got another 100 yards down the road at another set of lights and the bike died again. Now will not run unless started button is held in and engine light is on. Any help appreciated, Thanks