Experience with side case / Fazer


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For weekend cruises, I use Hepco Becker side bags on my My Yamaha Xj6.
They have a good shape, and size due to the bike. = Nice design !

On the new Fz8.... I planned to mount the V35N from Givi, but then I have to move the turn signal lamps to a extension bracket.
That, I think will give the bike a total diffrent look, that I don't like, and specially when driving without the bags.

It is possible to mount my Hepco bags on the Fz8 also, but maybe they look to small.

Any one have experience on those two setups, and I would like to hear from you.
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I have now purchased the Givi V35N
And when it comes to turn signals, my plan is to shorten length on the originals.
I will attach pictures later.