Bike won't start/ run


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Hello. I'm new to the site. Glad I found this forum looks very helpful... And I need help haha
I'm not new to motorcycles, although this is my first Yamaha. 2012 fz8 with fz1 fairings. 8000km
3rd owner. This is what I've gathered : first owner bought new, was crazy and dropped it at high speeds. Second owner bought it and ordered used fz1 fairings from eBay. Tried his best to mouth everything but lots interest. I bought it, ordered new clutch, brake levers, rear sets, throttle and clutch cables, headlight, battery, factory wiring connection for fuel pump and other things.
After wiring up the fuel pump, I tested for fuel and spark, everything is good. Turned over and over with no start. Poured a bit of fuel in the carb and it started rough but did not run.
Tried starting again with no luck.
If anyone can point me in the right direction I will try that next.