Anyone ever deal with DVM Moto/CJ Moto in Austin, Texas??

Not a review, just wondering if anyone has dealt with them before as I'm having issues getting updates from them.

Placed an order on August 2, after they tell me turn around time to the vendor has reduced since they send orders twice a week.

~$320, couple of emails and voice mails later, I still haven't heard back from them.

Don't really want to dispute the charge with the credit card company and hoping someone from here will chime in a say they're just slow.


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Doesn't look good. Their location is a glorified storage unit. Their facebook page references a Malaysian parts shop.

They don't have a reputation (good or bad) out here in Austin.

While I do want to support local business, I have the requirement that they actually do business. If they aren't providing adequate communication or aren't living up to the contract they signed through the website, contacting your credit card company would be excellent recourse

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//not giving legal or financial advice
Thanks for the heads up alexk! First time this has ever happened buying parts for a bike. Luckily it wasn't a big order.