Affordable HID Retrofit review


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Here is my first actual review, it will be in two parts or I will never start...

The Experience: Chad is a great, easy guy to talk to. I think he is the definition of customer service. For my headlight I said have a good time and I like red. He had no problem just giving me something awesome off the top of his head, which is what I wanted, combined with better night vision as I ride the 8as my primary vehicle. Shipping was pricey as expected, but he offered his thoughts on shipping suggestions. Went with ups ground from CA, took about a week each way so heads up on that. Knowing it was my primary vehicle (because he frequents this and a few other rider forums) he made it a point to only have it in his shop for about two days, even during his group buy, And I knew he had some other lamps.

The Lamp: It's a projector. It's bright. Like really bright. The low beam just cuts the high in half literally so adjust it correctly! Great quality halo and LED's. Bright and color matched. Just what I wanted.

Installation: Intermediate. There's a right way and a fast way. The right way means hiding the ballast an the tail (need pics Michael chu) or under the air box as recommended by Chad. Either way you're soldering and shrink-wraping to do it right, especially if you want your aux LED's (if you have them) integrated with the flashers or on a switch. I have mine on three separate switches, one to kill all red (as my LED's are illegally red in front) one to kill side LED's (they act as running lights which flash with turn signals, with swith off they only activate with signals, and halo remains on) and one to kill actual headlight. If I get adventurous I'll make a how to on that. But I think there may be some other similar threads on here already.

Overall, it was easy, makes my 8 safer, funner, and sexier. Easy choice for me. I'd do it again ten times
. Great price for great product.

Here are my crappy pics, I'll take more soon and post the switches.
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That looks great and a good review. Looks like Rabbitman does excellent work from all the pics I've seen. Def on my future mods list. :D:cool:


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I told myself when I bought the FZ that I wouldn't have to spend alot of money on mods. You guys aren't helping AT ALL... Xmas present I think.