Need Help ABS Front Brake went soft


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Hi from London UK.

My Bike is a 2012 FZ8 ABS. I was riding at slow speed in a local parking lot that has speed bumps- sleeping policemen as they are sometimes called here. After going over one of these I noticed that the front brake had gone soft. The lever would easily go right back to the bar, the feeling you get when the brakes are needing bled. Fortunately I was moving slowly in a parking lot and the back brake was more than enough.

Once I parked I couldn't see any fluid leaks and the level in the master still looked OK. I pumped the brake lever a few times and it came back to normal and has been fine since. Although I'm rather wary of the front brake now.

Is this an ABS anomaly, possibly triggered by going over the speed bump? I haven't seen any fault codes. I'm tempted to strip it all down and change all the seals/new fluid etc.

Has anyone ever had this happen? Any suggestions most welcome.