2012 fazer 8 abs


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looking for some desperate help...
I started the bike this morning and immediately noticed a misfire. I thought that maybe after a very wet weekend that it was maybe a bit of water had got in somewhere and would sort it self out after a 26 mile ride to work. As the ride to work is all dual carridgeway and motorway once I got up to 70 mph the bike appeared to be OK. It would accelerate and showed no signs of the misfire. On leaving the motorway and coming to the first set of lights the bike practically stalled and was a nightmare to get it away from the lights.
I managed to get it to work but at low ram the misfire was very obvious.
The ride home was a nightmare as it appeared it was getting worse. On getting home I removed the coil packs and put a meter across the low voltage and high voltage sides of each coil and all the readings where within specification. I then removed all the plugs and could see no signs of any fouling on the electrodes.
I refitted everything started the bike but the misfire is still there....
Please any ideas what to check next????