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    Stolen Bike: Bad News, Good News

    Bad News: So I wake up yesterday morning to go for a ride and find that my motorcycle has been stolen. :( Good News: Four hours after I called it in as stolen, the police call me and tell me that it has been found on the side of a road about 10 miles from my house. When I went to pick it up it...
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    Is it just me...

    Why is it that every time you read about bikes in articles or on forums some folks try to put certain bikes down because they do 5 (or so) less mph than bike X or their 0-60 is 1 mph less than bike Y? I (and most other riders that I've ever known) will never get our bikes to their actual...
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    HealTech Electronics Ltd. - Makers of the SpeedoHealer, GIpro, X-TRE, FI Tuner Pro, OBD Tool Have any of you installed it? How much does the speedo on the FZ8 lose accuracy?
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    Bar-end mirror questions

    I have a question to all of you that replaced your mirrors with bar-end mirrors. I recently replaced mine and I love them. The problem is that there are two holes where the old mirror stems screwed into. What do you use to seal them? I'd like to find some black "caps" similar to the...
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    Keeping headers and pipes clean

    Hey all, what do you use to keep the pipes shiny? Does Brasso work on them?
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    Lower handlebars

    Have any of you replaced your handlebars? I'm 6'1" and the stock bars are bent too high and back for my arm length so I want to find something that gives me more of a forward lean without having to rest my upper-body weight on my hands. Any suggestions? Something like this...
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    Pillion under-seat storage

    Ok, last question of the day, I promise! :o The under-seat storage isn't really designed for big stuff, I know, but I'd like to be able to put little stuff there from time to time (Xena disk lock or other very small items) but the under-seat area isn't really designed to put stuff in. Is there...
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    Right-side rubber tube on radiator

    All, Has anyone "fixed" that tube on the right-side that comes off the radiator? If so, do you have pics? I'd like to replace it with some type of braided hose (preferable matching the gold on the forks). Do any of you know how/where to order custom braided radiator hose?
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    FZ8 on the track - track days

    Hey all, has anyone here taken their FZ8 to track days (or ever been on the track with any other bikes)? I will be going in July and want to know what I'm in for. Is the FZ8 well-suited for time on the track? What were your experiences with track riding?
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    Advice on riding a naked bike - wind control

    I have a question about riding the FZ8 on the highway. When it comes to highways, what do you do about wind buffeting? Is it something that you get more used to over time? Is there a particular way of sitting that minimizes the wind effects on a bike without a windscreen? I'm asking because...
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    Lower Cowl

    Does anyone know if an FZ1 lower cowl will work on the FZ8? I'm looking for something other than that two-piecer for the FZ8 on the Yamaha site. I'd love something more like this but a more rugged look that matches the FZ8's style. Hopefully more aftermarket stuff will start to appear soon.
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    Motorcycle Cover

    Hey all, what is the best fitting cover for the FZ8?
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    Lowered bars or clip ons

    Has anyone installed lower angled bars or clip ons on their FZ8? At 6'1" I'd like a slightly more forward lean seating style, not as low as a sportbike though. Just something that leans me forward a little more and I find that the stock bars feel just a little too high for me.
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    New member and FZ8 owner

    Hello everyone. I'm the happy new owner of an FZ8! :D I'm hoping I'll learn a lot here and will be able to share a lot also!