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    Loud Electrical Ticking (battery connected wrong way)

    Let's start the 2018 riding season with a spark! I don't know how. Don't ask. I connected the battery backward and blew the 50A main fuse. All other fuses are intact, so I'm guessing the main fuse did its job. Bought a new fuse to try again. Problem: - kill switch in off position - insert...
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    FS: Yamaha OE Air Filter

    I bought the OE air filter over a year ago, and never installed it. Now I've gone and done the ECU Tune so I bought the K&N filter for maximum air flow possible. The filter is still brand new in box, obviously. $10? Hoping someone will need it - otherwise it'll go in the garbage.
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    When it comes to getting the ECU flashed I know I'm late to the game, but I'm posting anyways. This is another option for those looking to flash their ECU. On this forum there are threads about Guhl's and TurboJoe, but BOTH didn't pass the customer service test with answering e-mails to my...
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    MRA Windscreen - CLEARLY a deal!

    I am going through one B* of a time with GP Bikes in Canada trying to get an MRA Vario-Touring screen (smoked) for my Fazer 8. They've had my money since mid-July. Apparently it should be arriving Sept 14 now. We'll see. That's another story. I'm VERY tempted to cancel my order, F* over GP...
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    Spotted in Ontario - Curious about your GIVI screen & wind noise!

    Hoping you're on this forum - whomever you are. I spotted you on the QEW - through Burlington, Niagara bound. Riding a Fazer8 in gray with blue wheels. White luggage tied down. You also had the R77-D exhaust (my exhaust - like it!), and what looked like to be a smoked GIVI Windscreen. I am...
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    How-To: Replace Rear Brake Pedal?

    So recently, the inevitable happened, and I dropped the bike trying to make a tight u-turn that I (until now) have always made without issue. Sigh. SO.. the first thing I did was order up Motovation USA sliders. lol. The only "real" damage to the bike is that the rear brake lever bent...