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    New to the FZ8?

    Welcome. Just send off your ECU for tuning for the cheapest and biggest bang for the buck on performance. Pair that to an R6 throttle tube, an exhaust of your choice, air-filter, and a chain/sprocket of your choice and you're set. I did all that and went +1 on the front sprocket. Speedo is...
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    Front Wheel

    Sorry. I need mine.
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    2012 fz8 battery trouble (help please!)

    It's funny, but also not. I can laugh, because I did this myself last year. A very, very long story but in reality, the MAIN FUSE did its job and that's all that was damaged. It's the big red fuse in your picture - that one that is attached to the bungee tie-down for the battery. It is also...
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    Lever Suggestions On a Budget

    FP Racing Levers. Do NOT buy cheap eBay levers. Yes indeed ASV levers are not cheap, but they are on the expensive side of the good stuff.
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    2013 FZ8 spark plug torque specifications

    I have the Fazer version, and did the plugs last year. They were very, well overdue and most certainly improved my fuel economy. I kid you not, I instantly started seeing 50km more per tank. I bought NGK Iridium as replacement. I was at 26,000kms when I change and I know manual says like every...
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    How to mount a smartphone on the Fazer

    I have it mounted right in the middle with a standard ole' RAM-mount, and I just position it so it works well enough for me. You can buy different length arms too. My main gripe is just how much vibration/BUZZZZ is transmitted. Can't help but think that ain't good for the phone.
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    Stock Muffler 2011 FZ8

    I have one, but I'm all the way in Ontario, Canada.
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    Passing/Hazard Lights?

    Buy a cheap international calling card or try just e-mailing a dealership overseas. They'll know the part number pretty readily.
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    Passing/Hazard Lights?

    I'm in Canada, bought my bike from a Canadian Dealer. No hazards. It was a Euro thing. If you're dead set on having them I'd look to eBay or buying directly from a dealer in the UK or something and ship them to you. I think you need the entire left control piece.
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    Pro-Bolt hardware...

    NO colour?!? Even the Fiat is black. ehehe.
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    Front brakes hiss slightly

    I'd reckon that's the sound brakes make as the pad surface rubs against the rotor.
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    purchase advice

    Without getting off-topic and derailed on a larger, related topic - so long as the required and appropriate maintenance has been done 42,000 miles should be nothing - just like with a car.
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    Hi, Im new menber from spain

    Wow. It's purple!
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    Returning to the FZ after 4 years

    You eventually just get used to the R6 tube and then it makes no difference. As you say, it is just less wrist twist - which is good for general riding, highway, etc.. Where would you get your ECU flash from? Basically, an ECU flash is nothing more than a that - a simple file that is uploaded...
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    Returning to the FZ after 4 years

    As far as I know all model year FZ8 (naked or Fazer) would have the same throttle tube, and the Yamaha R6 throttle tube works. The part number is found in some related past thread. Tuning the ECU made the bike a noticeably quicker for me too. I will say that here in Canada, I could only...
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    FZ8 to MT-10?

    Umm... lol.. I would argue the MT-10 on paper is better in every way over the FZ8. However, it certainly costs way more and is significantly faster. No one can really answer this question for you.
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    Engine fairing /belly pan

    Yip, that or the Yamaha OE version (that's what I have) really brings the bike together.
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    Urgent help!! Fz8 pouring fuel!

    Where is it pouring gas from? Lift the gas tank up. It's definitely possible that when someone lifts up the tank, the fuel lines attached to the pump at the bottom of the tank can be pulled/stressed. My guess, is maybe this has happened. With the pump trying to pull out gas it's squirting out...
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    Loud Electrical Ticking (battery connected wrong way)

    I should probably update this. FINAL FINAL UPDATE: The ECU did NOT get fried when I connected the terminal on the battery backward. The main 50A fuse blew and did its job. What was the issue? The tune/flash from Bauce Racing! I have only positive comments about Bauce Racing. A very...
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    Why does nobody compare the FZ8 with a GSX S750?

    I can't help but think the FZ8 is a forgotten bike. It was succeeded by the very popular and good Fz 07/09/10 products. That's not to say the Fz8 is a poor bike.