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  1. waypoint

    ECUnleashed Group Buy...

    hey all. i don't know if anyone is interested, but i asked about a possible forum discount or group buy and here's the email they just sent me and what they came up with. Hello Grant, We are happy to hear you are happy with your new ECUnleashed ECU, if you find that your bike is...
  2. waypoint

    matching the matte gray paint

    i want to paint my hangar and slip-on strap the stock matte gray color of the 2012 8. anybody had any success matching a off-the-shelf spray paint? if so, what brand/color. thanks mates!
  3. waypoint

    Speed Channel... WTF!

    Speed clearly has no clue who watches their channel. 99% of their commentators are wankers who, like the rest of the broadcast sports networks in America, have taken the word color out of color commentating. But Speed goes a step further and requires theirs to speak like they are talking to a...
  4. waypoint

    DanMoto Rearsets... Still Like Em?

    i'm thinking about a set for track days. i know a few of you have them. you still like them?
  5. waypoint

    First Track Day Mods

    i got my first track day coming up on the 23rd of march and i want my 8 to be track-ready. so last week i put on a TBR M2 Black slip on and modded the air box. this weekend, while my ecu is out being flashed (will give a full report on that when i get it back) i'll be removing the ais with...
  6. waypoint

    TBR M2 Black Edition W/Pics

    Just wanted to share a couple of pics of my 8 with her new can. Went out with my brother this last weekend and had a blast in the canyons. It was a beautiful day. Oh, and I now wear earplugs! :D
  7. waypoint

    Michelin Pilot Power 3

    Michelin's got a new tire out that's going to ultimately replace the Pilot Power 2ct. My bud at the local shop says they just got a huge shipment in and he can get me a pair at a great price. It's a dual compound tire, like the rest of the hypersport tires, but on the rear the extend the lower...
  8. waypoint

    How to post YouTube Videos Properly?

    I couldn't find any instructions on the forum so I figured I'd ask and maybe it could be a sticky. I tried pasting the embed code (both old and new iframe codes) from youtube wrapped in a code tag, html tag, not wrapped in any tags, etc, and when using the Preview Post button, none seem to...
  9. waypoint

    What tire pressure you run on stock BTO21s

    36 psi front & 43 psi rear (manual suggestion) seems a bit high, especially for the rear. What tire pressure are you running for canyons and twisties?
  10. waypoint


    Aside from controls and a few minor cosmetic embellishments, my 8 is bone stock. As my mod budget isn't what I'd like it to be, I'm trying to be selective and start with what would help the bike perform better for me. I'm only 5' 6", 135 pounds and the 8 pulls my ass along pretty well. At 50...
  11. waypoint

    Suggestions for 1 1/8" Handlebar Clamps?

    Hello, Just got a set of Rizoma 1 1/8" tapered handlebars and am looking for a nice 1 1/8" handlebar clamp with about the same rise as stock. I saw ramrod posted that Driven's clamp bolts were too thick so he had to go purchase more hardware. I would like to avoid that if possible...