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    2012 FZ8 For Sale

    IMO it did not make a big enough difference to be worth the trouble
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    2012 FZ8 For Sale

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    2012 FZ8 For Sale

    On fleabay Yamaha FZ | eBay
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    2012 FZ8 For Sale

    I'm going to try selling the whole package first. If that doesn't work out, I'll contact you. Thank you
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    2012 FZ8 For Sale

    It is. I have one on my truck too and it really works great. On the bike it's a little too much vibration. I'm not planning on selling the camera. Will be transferring it to my RZR
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    2012 FZ8 For Sale

    Also forgot - Center stand... Pics are here: 2012 Yamaha FZ8 - 6000 obo
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    2012 FZ8 For Sale

    Going to put the money towards a Polaris RZR to play with.
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    2012 FZ8 For Sale

    43xx miles No major mods. Sliders, LED tail light, dual PIAA horns, extended factory mirrors, center stand, installed leads for heated suit or battery tender. I also have a +12V line tapped for camera mount. All added circuits have their own dedicated fuses. LOWERED to $5,500 I'll let it...
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    New Yamaha Girl

    someone was bound to ask sooner or later. :D
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    Went for a ride today

    sounds good. today was the first "warm" day we've had in a few weeks, along with 1-2" of rain.
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    Gift ideas for your bike.... go!

    Global warming and time off work
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    Love the tow truck one. LOL
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    High Speed Chase stories??

    He probably had a few Taco Bell steaks and was looking for the nearest bathroom. Cop was at Taco Bell too and following his lead.
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    Eye, or ear, Opening Experience today.

    Just re-enforces my opinion that the main cause of motorcycle accidents is due to bikes showing up in unexpected places- either due to speed difference or squeezing places where cars normally don't go.
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    It's not nice to laugh at misfortune of others

    but... Super Mario Sound Effects Make Life Better - YouTube
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    What rpm range do you live in?

    I'm always on the low side... that's what I get for living with big V8's most of my life. LOL 3-5K if i'm just cruising around town
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    [vid] I went skeet shooting

    How Real Men Shoot Skeet - YouTube
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    fz8 for starter

    I started on it - zero prior experience on two wheels, other than bicycles. LOL. Not a problem. But I'm older and have gotten the "need for speed" out of my system. I'm perfectly content not doing crazy speeds or pushing the bike past my abilities.
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    hijacker + bike + cop + gun

    Dude, ammo is expensive! :D