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    Jack up kit

    Would an fz1 lust racing jack up kit fit the fz8?
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    Fz8 parts shops in Dadeland, Miami?

    The gf is over in Dadeland tomorrow and I wondered if there were any spares shops for the fz8 nearby at all? Needing some new rearsets and spares are cheaper over the pond than here in sunny England...anyone point me in the right direction so I can send her shopping... Cheers Dan
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    Rear seat surround, top and bottom (not the seat cover, the main rear fairing underneath) instrument screen (above headlight) front tank cover / aka the batwing
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    Bad morning....

    So today I decked the fz8 :( Safety gear protected £500 shoei gt air is scuffed and scratched...salvageable??? Dunno...... Can these be sprayed if proven it's not damaged if I get it checked. Right hand rear set snapped, front red fly screen cracked, petrol tank batwing cracked, rear...
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    Renthal Superbike Flat Bars

    THinking of these..As i'm tall at 6'82 i could do with a little less wind resistance...i'm not complaining otherwise why buy a naked bike before anyone says it lol!! Merely just looking to not sit so upright and face the full on wind force at above average speeds :D So..the thought lay with...
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    Led turn signal front bracket

    Anyone close up pics of how they fit the front flashers as the oem is held on by a large rubber bracket yet once all removed and the new led flashers had a small bolt and small is best to hold this in place? I have the blanking plates to fill the gap (which is too big and has to be...
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    K&N vs oem

    I'm sure this has already been discussed as I'm useless with search ;) Anyone experienced more proven hp with these? noticed a diff over oem? worth it over just changing stock more regularly?
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    Pics of your tank pad grips

    Looking into some tank pad grips, anyone got pics of theirs? Anyone got pics of clear pads they are using? Deciding between Stomp grips and techspec at the mo.... Just thought pics would be great to see how they look on the bike...especially looking for pics of CLEAR pads please :)
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    Mobile phone bike mount and cramp buster

    So here they are. The latest mods to make riding distance easier on the wrist and comms/sat Nav issues a thing of the past. Throttle Cramp buster: Handlebar clamp mobile phone mount bolt (removal of a clamp bolt required and replaced with bolt attachment) Unit complete as would be when bike...
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    Write up on usb/female cigarette charge point?

    Hey Probably a write up somewhere but im buggered if i can find it... anyone got pics or a write up on where/how they installed theirs? cheers
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    Mirrors..cant decide! :hbwall:

    So after the bar end mirror install, i've decided to revert back to using the oem mounts but changing the mirrors. Two types (2x colour variants for each type) below I have decided on but cant choose which one would look best...I have attached a pic of my bike if it helps. I know its a personal...
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    chain cleaning..gunk build up

    Ok so anyone can clean and lube a chain after a ride when required to do so but is there a write up on removal of the cover near the gear box/front sprocket where we can't see in order to clean out any gunk/grease collected inside...?? I'm in maintenance mode today so may as well do it fully :)...
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    My Ride

    Crash bung refitted after it worked it's way loose so I had to take it off mid its torqued to 40nm and red loctite should hold it steady this time :) Previous mods: > Danmoto gp extreme slip on > Rear hugger > yamaha fly screen > Pillion handles > Seat cowl > renthal soft grips >...
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    FZ8 Jack up kit

    Yamaha FZ8 jack up kit | FZ-8 tail riser kit - Price Only 54.95 + shipping! For FZ8 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 | Buy online at Anyone jacked up the rear end much? particularly for taller riders i guess? i'm 6'8" and wondered if this kit would help/impede? Failing that, whats...
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    Motodynamic fitted.

    Ordered, fitted and happy :) stock flashers removed from the rear. just fronts need sorting far so good :) Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
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    Thinking new bars...

    6'8" and riding is fine but seems that the taller riders may benefit better from flat or less of a rise than standard...anyone suggest otherwise or? Good bars to look at or? Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
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    Blaster x tail light

    Hey y'all Has anyone on here fitted the Blaster x led tail light to their rides? pics? reviews? alternatives? in the UK and looking to replace the incredibly dull led bulb in the tail light and the rear indicators also...These seems like a great set up to sort the lot... Sent from my...
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    Ride of respect

    Apologies for the repeat post mods, please delete previous. Ride completed on the FZ8 :) Over 10,000 bikes attended the event and rode the Route our fallen troops are returned by. Couldn't have asked for better weather for the day either..sweltering ha! Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
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    R&G Bobbins arrived :)

    After two mates decked their bikes this week on roundabouts but with these crash bobbins installed their bikes have remained mostly damage before this weekends big ride out in preparation, I have received mine to be installed later today. Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
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    Handlebar grips..

    What do you have on your fz8 and why? I have the below on mine but would prefer narrower grips that are maybe 'stickier'... still red and branded though but red more so.. :) Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk