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    lothodon's mods

    Glad to see your bike coming along Loth. Its looking great. Still waiting for my leg to heal before buying another FZ8. Scary its almost been a year since my accident. Glad to see some familiar posters still on the forum.
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    YAY!!! Forum is back!! :)

    maintenance im sure. Whats up gang
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    KT Auto Part HID Projector KT-MT2

    Good job man. I wish it was a little bigger. Seems they are all that size though.
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    Shleeve's mods

    How was dealing and time that it took to get the side radiator faring? I was debating going through the ebay site you gave or the actual website. like $197 total after shipping right? I know when i ordered my evotech kit from their EU site it took about 18 days and im not that patient. lol
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    FZ8 compared to ?

    wait your FZ8 isnt secretly a robot transformer?
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    FZ8 compared to ?

    Ha ha ha Loth thats exactly what i thought when i first pulled this up. Its just the higher priced version of the FZ8 - some of the better angles and style.
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    FZ8 compared to ?

    Dont let the fanboy sickness effect you. Honda builds some nice bikes. Id have to say if you lookinf for a naked style bike from the $7000-8500 range then the FZ8 is the bike to get. Yamaha has perfected many things with the FZ series and has delivered a fantastic bike.
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    FZ8 compared to ?

    100% of all reviews i see the only negative thing is the non adjustable front suspension. and some that say if you lean to the extreme you will skratch the pegs.
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    Keeping clean

    EagleOne Iv used this product for some time now and it has amazing results with a microfiber towel. NanoWax® Spray Wipe & Shine Quick Detailing Spray A2Z™ All Wheel & Tire Cleaner If your like me and wipe down before and after a ride you will like the quality and price. Autozone has lots...
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    Shorty levers, rear sets, painted rear pegs

    nice start man. Keep it up!
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    Howdy from Idaho!!!

    Welcome to the thunderdome!
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    FZ8 compared to ?

    2011 CB1000r is also a nice looking and from the reviews smooth. 2011 CB1000R Overview - Honda Powersports If you can get the european model. 2011 Honda CB1000R - Top Speed 2011 Honda CB1000R: MD First Ride-Part Two – Motorcycle News, Editorials, Product Reviews and...
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    OH DEAR... A DEER!!!!!!!!

    Crazy shit bro. Glad nothing more happened. ‪FZ6 vs Deer‬‏ - YouTube FZ6 vs Deer
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    two bros question

    A.k.a sexier. lol
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    LED "eyebrow" MOD begins

    Great job (as normal) hypo. Looks sick and with the angel/demon eye that mods going to look sick.
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    fz8 Wheelies...

    dont hit ur front break. That could end badly. Just remember it takes next to nothing to get urself killed riding on two wheels let alone one. Be safe
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    what helmet are you wearing? why? PRO's/CON's?

    Not at all bro. In normal wind anyway. Iv been impressed with them and i fully think you get what you pay for. ICON can be on the highend of the spectrum, but for the quality and style its worth every penny. Airframe is also a very nice one if you look into icon.
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    what helmet are you wearing? why? PRO's/CON's?

    This is why i ride ICON. My gear consists of all ICON. Helm: (with silver reflective shield) Ride Icon - ALLIANCE TYRANNY Jacket: (black on black version) Ride Icon - ACCELERANT PERFORATED Boots: (black) Ride Icon - SUPER DUTY 3 Gloves: (black) Ride Icon - PURSUIT
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    What annoys you in your FZ8?

    I agree 100% I wasnt trying to be harsh or anything by my original post. I learned to lean pretty far and hadnt had an issue, but thats not my typical ride style either. I take it as a warning mark to make sure im not trying to push the bike to hard in leans. I love the style. Iv always...
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    exhaust question

    I dont see a problem with that :D lol