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  1. Marthy

    Marthy's new ride

    Here we go... my new ride. Quite impressive amount of low to mid range torque. The throttle is very sensitive and the bike pull strong right from idle just like a twin. Then when you get at the point where the twin would ran out of steam... bang! That thing get on the cams. Anytying more than...
  2. Marthy

    Marthy Exhaust for FZ8 (Midship)

    Some of you might know already, I build the first prototype FZ8 mid-ship exhaust last week for the FZ8. The exhaust fit and look great! Been tested with the Danmoto for a quick run last night and without too much tuning it perform very well too. Better acceleration and the bike pull much better...
  3. Marthy

    WTB: Stock headers

    Hey everyone. I'm sure few of you did a full exhaust swap. I'm interested in getting a FZ8 headers only, no need for the can. Let me know if you are interested in selling it. If price is right I might be in. Cheers! Marthy