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  1. Fazerboy66

    Ignition switch and immobilzer

    I'm looking for a new used ignition switch for an FZ8 Fazer 2011, the ignition switch and immobilizer unit are paired and usually come together. if anyone is breaking a bike and would like to sell please let me know.
  2. Fazerboy66

    New Owner, question about engine noise

    Did you ever get to the bottom of this noise? Mine appears to doing the same thing.
  3. Fazerboy66

    Speed sensor 2012 abs

    Does anyone happen to know which ABS senosr is used for the speedo? Am i right in assuming its the front sensor?
  4. Fazerboy66

    Rear wheel caliper position

    **** a duck! did you do this job yourself? I'm amazed you didn't realise there were two spacers missing! And if some one else did this for you them you really need to have a word with them. This is why the handbook is riddled with the phrases if you don't know what you doing take it to your...
  5. Fazerboy66

    frayed clutch cable?

    Does anyone got any tips and tricks for threading the new clutch cable through the engine? Am I right in thinking this is a major job with the tank and airbox off?
  6. Fazerboy66

    Cable clutch ajustment problem

    Guys, the first port of call for adjusting the clutch is your adjuster wheel on the handlebars, it that runs out of adjustment then yo should slacken it off and take up the slack on the adjuster down by the clutch arm on the engine. You should also consider regular lubrication of the cable with...
  7. Fazerboy66

    Brake Caliper Seals

    There are service kits avaible on ebay, i'd only recommend attempting this if your know what your doing? messing about with your brakes is a very risky business. These giuys on ebay do a full service by post: Yamaha FZ 8 N ABS front brake caliper seal repair kit 2011 2012 2013 2014 | eBay It...
  8. Fazerboy66

    Remove the Fairing Fazer8 (FZ8S)

    Newfie boy, how did you get on with the conversion. I'm looking at doing the some with mine. Any tips you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Fazerboy66
  9. Fazerboy66

    Tips on Replacing Air Filter

    I guess it is, i'm doing all my servicing on the street, which is no mean feat. It means running out no the street with all the tools for job, and not leaving the bike unatteded for too long in case someone pinches your tools! FYI: the plugs on the bottom of the tank are clip lock plugs so...
  10. Fazerboy66

    best commuting tires

    I have Battleaxes BT032's the orignal tyre and still plenty on tread at 9.5k miles, will need replacing in the next 6-9 months.
  11. Fazerboy66

    Are there any how to replace replace clutch guides?

    Good brands? EBC are pretty much the market leaders for clutch plates and springs and accessories - Motorcycle Parts by EBC Brakes | Brake Pads | Brake Discs | Clutches There I can't be more helpful than that!! Fazerboy66
  12. Fazerboy66

    Tips on Replacing Air Filter

    Guys, any suggestions on holding the tank up if you dont have a garage or access to a garage? I've found that the only way to access the air filter withoug having to hold the tank up is to take the tank bolt out completely. Carefully remove the two electronic plugs by the fuel pump and sit the...
  13. Fazerboy66

    Tips on Replacing Air Filter

    In answer to my own question here, yes I would recommend replacing oil and filter, Air filter yearly. Ive only done 2,000 miles last year and my air filter looks like the one above. It can't do any harm can it?
  14. Fazerboy66

    Yamaha FZ8 OEM Rear Shock Absorber

    Yamaha FZ8 OEM Rear Shock Absorber, in superb condition. £150 Its only been on my bike for a year, I have now upgraded to a new shock. These OEM shocks are £350 new so grab a bargain. UK buyers only
  15. Fazerboy66

    Yamaha FZ8 Passenger Grab Rails, in superb condition.

    Yamaha FZ8 Passenger Grab Rails £40 In superb condition. Supplied with all bolts Taken off to make way for Givi luggage rack. Over £100 brand new.
  16. Fazerboy66

    Yamaha Fazer FZ8 2011 Original Silencer

    Yamaha Fazer FZ8 2011 Original Silencer, in good condition. Silencer has a few marks on it but is in great shape. I have recently upgraded to an aftermarket can and no longer need this silencer. UK buyers only please
  17. Fazerboy66

    rear sprockets - 46 and 42 teeth

    42 teeth Sprocket - Like new £15 bought to replace my worn out rear sprocket. This one is 4 teeth smaller than the standard size (46 teeth) Fitted and used for a week but does not suit me. New this sprocket is £25 so grab a bargain. Also Yamaha FZ8 Rear Sprocket 46 teeth, used but in great...
  18. Fazerboy66

    Tips on Replacing Air Filter

    So are we suggesting here that its a good idea to replace the airfilter once a year even if your only doing very low milage?
  19. Fazerboy66

    ECU Flash

    Spud, I've got the Fazer 8 ABS 2011 model, can this be done? I'm a bit dim on flashing but what are the benefits of doing this? cheers Andy
  20. Fazerboy66

    ECU Flash

    Guys, anyone know where I get my ECU flashed in the UK?