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    FS: 2011 Yamaha FZ8 Nicely Modded

    Bump for price drop!
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    FS: 2011 Yamaha FZ8 Nicely Modded

    Nicely equipped with stuff I bought and learned on this site! Here is a copy / paste of the Craigslist ad.. For Sale: 2011 Yamaha FZ-8 with a little over 12,600 miles (still going up as I ride year round). This has been my commuter & weekend warrior for almost five years (2nd owner) and...
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    Corbin Vs Shad

    I've owned both. These are my opinions, from what I can think of. My pros are cons for some people, and vice versa. Both are great seats, it just depends on what you want. Corbin Pros: Leather Has mounting hardware installed More comfortable on longer rides More durable surface Can buy...
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    vibration / shaky / clutch noise

    My stock FZ8 had more shake at those RPMs, too. The Juicebox fuel controller and a good map took care of it and it's associated flat spot in power.
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    Rider Heights

    6"1' - perfect for me.
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    Motorcycle palmares

    This is fun! Loved them all for what they were, but I kissed a few frogs… • Tomos Streetmate 50 – put about 1000 miles • Suzuki GZ250 - put about 1000 miles • Kawasaki Ninja 500R (2nd Gen) – put about 3000 miles • Suzuki SV650 (2nd Gen) – put about 10,000 miles • Yamaha FZ8 – put 5000 and...
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    Chest protection..Anyone use it?

    I don't like to think about, but most crashes with chest impact may not have a happy ending, i.e. head-ons and someone turning left in front of you. Maybe you have a better chance with chest protection?
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    HELP fz8 will only run wile holding the starter button

    I know it sounds weird, but I had a faulty cell in a battery cause symptoms similar to this.
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    Shad Passenger Seat for Sale or Trade

    I just replied to all PMs, thanks!
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    Shad Passenger Seat for Sale or Trade

    Bump for price drop. Packed and ready to ship.
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    Member map

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    so my brother just got a 2013 fz8

    Sounds like someone could use this awesome seat! :D
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    FZ1 shock for sale

    Email sent :)
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    Shad Passenger Seat for Sale or Trade

    Bump for price drop! Even to Canada (Maddog)! Also dropped trade offer.
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    Short Notice Meet up: Starbucks @ Shady Grove, MD

    Just read it, too late...
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    WTB: rear seat (passenger)

    Why not upgrade to this beauty?
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    Shad Passenger Seat for Sale or Trade

    No problem. Still available for $125 shipped or trade for a lightly used 2nd Gen FZ1 shock. Maddog, you might get it after all!:D
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    Shad Passenger Seat for Sale or Trade

    Bigo, I'm digging the Shad. I went 300+ miles a couple days ago with no issues... with the stock seat I would be sore during the ride and the next day. I think the reason is that is plenty of area to switch positions on the seat and the surface is high-tech, durable, and forgiving. I had a...