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  1. JSP

    6th gear

    Its 1 down 5 up = 6 So starting in first, you will have 5 up shifts.
  2. JSP

    Help with BKMOTO

    The Retrofit Source | Innovative Headlight Upgrades Links fine from what I can see...
  3. JSP

    Racket from clutch/trans at idle?

    Common. It goes away when you pull the clutch in? Just some clutch chatter. My brand new FZ-09 does the same. Most all my bikes have. Never turned into an issue.
  4. JSP

    Downshifting Problem

    Change oil, proper level, check clutch lever freeplay, etc. Clutch cable may be frayed inside since you feel a hang up? Have you lubed your cable?
  5. JSP

    Carbon Fibre Wheels

    Rotational mass weight loss does make a big difference. If they are significantly lighter, they will be noticeable for sure. Spendy though. If you have the dough, id say they are worth it. Look awesome too.
  6. JSP

    Need some advice: bike jerking when throttling

    Make sure your clutch free play is correct first. Then your chain slack as well. As stated, adjust your idle if it is out (warm engine). Does it go away once the clutch is fully released and you are moving?
  7. JSP


    Thread closed due to failure to provide pictures and a proper description of item.
  8. JSP


    Being its an FZ8 related item, its allowed. But... You need to post pictures. Where at in Oregon are you? Beaverton area? Why is it branded? Damage? Theft? Why no title in hand? Vin #? What does "all the best mods" mean? To you or me? If you expect to sell something, dont be so...
  9. JSP

    Gold rim tape? Cheesy? or Cool?

    Would probably look pretty sweet. Gold is classy. ;) I dont have any leads for the tape though. Good luck and keep us updated!
  10. JSP

    new to the group

    :welcome: Glad to have ya!
  11. JSP


    Are you a stunt rider or something? Do companies sponsor just everyday riders? Thought you had to be a stunt rider / racer or show bike or something to get a sponsorship. Companies want a return on their investment in you. Exposure, etc. But I dont know, just what I thought. ;)
  12. JSP

    under the wrench tommorow

    Nice! Congrats! Post up a review when you can! :cool:
  13. JSP

    Headlight Question

    Here you go.
  14. JSP

    FZ8 healight conversion?? FZ09??

    Little more power/torque. (likes to wheelie with just some extra twist of the wrist!). Feels a little smaller body wise, and of course a bit lighter. 3 cylinder motor is a beaut. But the 8 motor was good too, never a problem with it. Otherwise they feel fairly similar in body position and...
  15. JSP

    FZ8 healight conversion?? FZ09??

    I have a 09. Let me know if you want any dimensions or anything. ;)
  16. JSP

    flip plate

    Yeah, as thach said... There is a line. We dont want to be ridiculous and shut a thread down because you didnt use a turn signal. ;) But I think we all as adults know what we should and should not be talking about/condoning. And we arent saying you were condoning the flip plate. You asked a...
  17. JSP

    2013 fz8 break in with garage mods......

    Ohhhh.... Pretty! :D Congrats!
  18. JSP

    FS: 2012 FZ8 (ATL area)

    Sorry to see ya go! I enjoyed your videos! :D Any plans for another bike or taking a break?
  19. JSP

    2013 fz8 break in with garage mods......

    So the frame slider cause the frame to crack? Damn! Talk about doing exactly the opposite of what it was supposed to do! Sucks to see a bike hurting like that! So what are your plans? Another 8 or a different bike?