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    Need help strange noise

    Mine did that when new/first couple of oil changes. Finally went away when I switched to shell t-6 Sent from my Z936L using Tapatalk
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    Sprocket change for lower rpm's at highway speed

    2011 Yamaha FZ8 (USA): 2011 Yamaha FZ8 (USA) - YouTube Heres a video of a fz8 being used for "general jackassery" from yamaha itself.
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    Sprocket change for lower rpm's at highway speed

    Congratulations. You dont push your bike to the limits. You must be sooooo perfect. I have 2 friends with fz8s that routinely track them. And it wasnt pictures at all either, it was the commercial for the bike. Now if you've done so much research on the bike, im sure you can keep on researching...
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    Sprocket change for lower rpm's at highway speed

    Have you ever seen the official press release ad for the fz8? Lots of stunt riding, nose wheelies, stoppies, burnouts, etc...and as for track days,i routinely went to blackhawk for open track days and beat on quite a few r6s.
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    Airbox mods

    Looks very nice
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    Airbox mods

    If you make one , you might as well make 2.. i have a dyno session in 2 months. I could test your theory
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    OEM Seat Cowl and Sub Fairings (matte grey) plus Evotech rad guard For Sale!

    Im interested in the radiator fairings and the seat cowl. Are they still available?
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    danmoto xg-1

    I have an xg1 and pc5, custom mapped
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    ECU Flash

    Why not just add fuel across the table?
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    180hp FZ8?

    Do you have part #s, tune info, etc? The only R779 build ive seen was in italian and poorly translated. I think alot of members would be interested, including myself
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    The New PowerCommander 5 thread

    Guhls will reflash your ecu for free forever after the initial purchase....
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    180hp FZ8?

    Could we get more details on your build?
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    Marthy Exhaust for FZ8 (Midship)

    Im very interested
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    Squid question. Bare with me!

    I saw 158 when i was down in mexico ;-) I commute everyday to work 50 miles on the highway. My neck muscles are getting real strong these days lol
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    FZ8 Sprocket Options

    It took a while to finally tune out the flat spot in the powerband especially with my exhaust..but now ill stay up with a friends triumph daytona and another kids(lack of skill) gixxer1000