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    2013 Fork Oil Levels

    I am currently swapping out my 2013 front springs for Race Tech 1.0 kg springs and was concerned that the oil levels I've been able to find on here and online were wrong because people only post up to the 2012. I have had the hardest time finding the 2013 Service Manual online, so I called a...
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    Headlight “mystery”

    I saw this thread last week and was changing my headlight this weekend so I decided to look on mine. No light, not even a hole for a light on my 2013. I have seen lights in there before... I might have to drill and add an LED :)
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    Facebook Group

    Hey guys, I know a lot of you love it in here, and it's sometimes quiet, but there is a pretty decent following on Facebook. Someone created a Yamaha FZ8 Owners USA group (although they allow anyone on). If anyone is interested, here's the link - Log into Facebook | Facebook A lot of the same...
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    New Member looking at a 2012 FZ8 w/ 20k miles -- question

    I'm late to the thread, but I'll chime in as well. I have a 2013, bought new in the crate in April 2014 with 0 miles. I've put 26,000 miles on mine. I've replaced the battery once thanks to its first 2 years living in Utah cold. I'm in freaking hot Houston now. I took it in to have the valves...
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    Brake Lines

    I also went Venhill, mainly because they offered black end connectors and smoke lines (for my gray and black FZ8), not the chrome ends that others did. Very solid. Very responsive. I think you'll get the same feel out of any decent steel braided brake lines. Really comes down to color choice /...
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    Michelin Pilot Road 4 low mileage

    Hey guys, This is a general question post, but has anyone else had bad luck with the Michelin Pilot Pro 4s getting low mileage? I bought a set Feb 2016, put 4k miles on them in 6 months, and the back was dang near bald. I don't burn out, I just aggressively commute ;) meaning, I don't really...
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    Upgrading my brakes

    Have you noticed any excessive wear using the sintered pads? I just ordered some semis today because I've always read about all the excessive heat/possible rotor damage the sintered could cause. I don't brake super hard; I just commute with my bike. When I ride hard, I **typically** don't have...
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    OEM 2015 end can on a 2012 FZ8

    Sorry, I misunderstood his question. I read it as he found a random OEM pipe, not one for the FZ8, since they stopped making the FZ8 in 2013 in the US. Thanks for being so nice with your reply.
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    WD-40 Chain cleaner

    I've heard tons and tons of arguments on both sides of the fence about using WD-40 to clean you chain (not lubricate). This guy put together a pretty simple video about it. I like how in the end he says if you are still concerned, don't use it. I stick to kerosene or Simple Green for cleaning...
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    What did you do to your bike today?

    DeputyDog - What pipe is that? Is it currently installed or just part of the Photoshop? I LOVE the under side exhaust exit. I'm thinking of custom cutting the pipe to make an M4 fit.
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    What did you do to your bike today?

    I repainted my wheels since the dingleberry that installed the last set of times mangled the rim. I commissioned a friend to cut custom FZ8 stickers. After repainting the rims, I installed the FZ8 sticker to the rear, and then clear coated over it. We'll see if I want the front one too. I kind...
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    Denali Soundbomb Airhorn

    Awesome! Thanks for the info and video! I've always wanted a louder horn, but pretty skeptical about loudness. I bought 2 that fit on the stock mount, relatively the same size as the original horn, both claimed 120+ db, but always seem to sound the same as the stock. You inspired me to take the...
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    Im Fat Yall. I need advice

    If you've ever hit a really hard pothole or dropped the bike (like walking / dropped it, or something stupid like me), you might just need to align the forks. is a really good instructional video on how to align the forks. I have straightened mine...
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    New guy looking at a 13 FZ8

    When I bought my FZ8, I test rode the 2014 SV650s. I only put about 15 miles on it, but I felt more comfortable on the FZ8. I am 5'11", 220 lbs. The riding position on the FZ8 felt better to me (more upright) - rides more like a fast dirt bike and I liked that. The SV650s felt gutless compared...
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    Dunlop Q3s - Good and Bad

    So, I noticed my Dunlop Q3 rear tire wore through the center after I got home. Slightly terrifying since I was in the triple digits multiple times today (on a highway in Mexico)... Good news: I got approximately 4k, but shy of 5k out of the rear. The front still looks pretty dang near new. Grip...
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    Two Bros, Corbin, OEM Flyscreen and Engine Guards, Risers

    You guys need to add yourselves to the Member Map! I recently moved back to the Houston area (Sienna Plantation / Missouri City) and would love to go on rides. I commute with my FZ8 every day it's not raining. Hope to see you guys out there!
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    What did you do to your bike today?

    I didn't notice a difference for the better or worse with the mix, but I don't like bad surprises, so I drained it all again, and put 100% Engine Ice in there. Seems to be happy :)
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    Helmet Reviews: Post your "LID" and how you like it.

    SKULLY AR-1 These aren't released yet, but the wife has given the thumbs up. I just don't know if I can muster spending $1400 on one yet, but maybe next gen :) These look awesome. I might have to check out the Reevu in the meantime.
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    What did you do to your bike today?

    Thanks RD Guy. I read a ton on it and got very mixed reviews. I figured I'd try it out and if it changed my temps for the worse, I'd flush it out and try again.
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    What did you do to your bike today?

    Got my Corbin seat set installed (Carbon Fiber patterned leather), new front LED COB turn signals / running lights (my Model Zero T/S died), flushed the radiator, refilled with 50% Engine Ice, 50% Prestone 50/50. We'll see how the Engine Ice does.