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    We are back.

    The site was offline for awhile. We are on a new server now and will be up permanently.
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  3. 2019-Yamaha-NIKEN-GT2


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    I forgot to mention you can embed your youtube videos within the forum posts using the film icon in the posting editor
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    Hi there.. welcome to the site. It was not deleted. The forum put your post in the moderation QUE for approval. This happens from time to time. Most of the time it stops spammers. But it does make mistakes some times... Welcome to the site
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    Forum bug thread

    try now..
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    pcv maps

    Not true.. There are no maps in the VIP area. All maps are by members and are shared freely by the creator of the map.. Cheers..
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    Forum bug thread

    We need a new logo now though
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    Forum bug thread

    Still lots to do .. I have turned off the addons and will re enable them as I upgrade them. I have to do each one seperately.. YAY!.. lol
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    Forum bug thread

    Should be ok now
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    Forum bug thread

    We have updated the forum to a newer version on Vbulletin. If you notice any bugs please post them here.. Thank you.. Dennis
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    FZ8 Forum Upgrade

    Hi Everyone. I will be upgrading the site to the same version as the FZ1 site. I will be doing this today so the site access will be offline for a few hours.
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    what happened to the membership statues's

    Fixed!! It was the old URL still in the code that points to the rank images... Thanks again for letting me know
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    what happened to the membership statues's

    Wow woody really. Personal attacks.. Lol.. Just wow..... Anyways.. This site is privately owned and has rules it's a condition of use. Freedom of speech yes but there also laws that protect from slander, copyright infringement ect.. a lot of members reported your last post that was closed...
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    FZ8 Forum Site upgrade

    Hi Everyone I will be upgrading the sites software. I have already done it to the FZ1 site. FZ1 Forum International Yamaha FZ1 Community This will allow us to use the latest plugins ect on the forum. Comments are welcome.... Thanks
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    Step up, BC riders!

    Langley here too. Will be putting the insurance on the bike soon. Maybe a group to Harrison or something.:D
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    TapaTalk issues

    Should be good now... Can someone confirm?
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    Help Admin's Wife...

    Hi everone. You may already know but my wife is a breast cancer survivor. She is now 5 years disease free (Thank you God!) She is competing in a obstacle / fitness course in Sept and is trying to raise money for the cause. If you have ever experienced cancer or know someone close that has you...
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    So Long FZ8, Hello Wicked Cool, High-Value Triple

    Looks like Yamaha will be replacing the FZ8 with the FZ-09 :eek: Rumors of a three-cylinder replacement for Yamaha’s crossplane YZF-R1 started at Intermot last year with an inscrutable exhibit promising new motorcycles with a “crossplane” inline-triple. It was a tease, of course...